Oculus Puppies

Episode 13 · March 31st, 2014 · 1 hr 35 mins

About this Episode

Jeff and Christian welcome their first International guest, Guy Cocker, from Wired UK. The Story of the Week centers around Facebook's buyout of Oculus Rift, and the guys debate all sides of the news, plus Microsoft's purchase of AR tech and Nintendo's continued investment into health monitoring hardware. Christian thinks Phil Spector becoming the head of Xbox is a good thing for games, while Guy has his own optimism about UK tax breaks for video game companies. Meanwhile, Jeff loves the way Titanfall is dealing with cheaters on the PC.

In the Playlist, Guy has been revisiting excellent PC games from the last couple of years that he missed, while Christian continues to get the most out of inFamous: Second Son. Jeff is renewing his addiction to Diablo 3 with Reaper of Souls, and just starting to play Elder Scrolls Online.

March Madness hits its Final Four, with Super Mario 64 taking on Half-Life 2 and Last of Us squaring off against Portal.

Then Tabletop Time gets you ready for International Tabletop day with a discussion of great co-op games that can overcome Christian's competition qualms from last week. Space Cadets, Pandemic, and Flashpoint: Fire Rescue are discussed.

All that, plus your phone calls!

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