Candy Massacre I through XIII

Episode 4 · January 27th, 2014 · 1 hr 45 mins

About this Episode

Jeff and Christian welcome Cory Banks, Managing Editor of PC Gamer to DLC this week. In the Story of the Week segment, Cory is intrigued by the news that Microsoft has secured the rights to Gears of War, and brought over the old series producer Rod Fergusson. Christian is more interested in the news that Microsoft paid YouTubers for positive Xbox One mentions, while Jeff is confused about the need for Candy Crush Saga to trademark the word "candy".

The guys talk PC gaming with Hearthstone, Might and Magic Legacy X, Day Z, and the idea of early access, and ask whether "finishable games" are on the way out?

Then it is Tabletop Time with a question about Dungeons and Dragons style games that don't require a large group. Jeff has many suggestions.

All that, plus your calls on this week's DLC!

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