Laura Dale & Jane Magnet: Layoffs at Microsoft, Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League, PSVR2 Launch Lineup, Playdate Handheld, Forespoken, GeForce Now Ultimate 4080, Inkbound, Dorfromantik, Terraforming Mars, Everdell Complete

Episode 479 · January 22nd, 2023 · 1 hr 56 mins

About this Episode

Jeff and Christian welcome co-authors of the new novel Who Hunts the Whale, Laura Dale and Jane Magnet to the show this week to discuss big layoff across several gaming companies, a leaked Battle Pass for Suicide Squad, the PSVR2's 30 game launch line-up, and more!

The Playlist: Basingstoke, Dorfromantik, The Playdate Handheld, Forspoken, GeForce Now Ultimate 4080 tier, Inkbound

Tabletop Time: Terraforming Mars, Everdell Complete Collection, Klask, Once Upon a Line