John E Warren Lance Reddick, WWE 2K23, Atomic Heart, Wo Long, Castle Crumble, Crafty Survivor, Flame Keeper, GT7 Sophy, Symbiogenesis, Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

Episode 487 · March 20th, 2023 · 1 hr 58 mins

About this Episode

Jeff and Christian welcome John E Warren from HoneyBee Rodeo to the show to discuss the latest in the Microsoft Activision Blizzard aquisition - yes, there's more to disucss! - Square Enix moving ahead on their NFT game, Horizon Forbidden West DLC being exclusive to PS5, and more!

The Playlist: WWE 2K23, Atomic Heart, Wo Long, Breath of the Wild, Castle Crumble, Apple Arcade, Crafty Survivor, Flame Keeper

VR Talk: Gran Turismo 7 with Sophy AI

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