Steven Spohn: PS5 Pro rumors, ASUS ROG Ally, PS handheld, new Street FIghter movie, Minecraft movie with Jason Momoa, Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure, Crimeboss, Marvel Snap, Shogun Showdown Prologue, Klaus Teuber

Episode 490 · April 10th, 2023 · 1 hr 45 mins

About this Episode

Jeff and Christian welcome Steven Spohn from Ablegamers back to the show this week to discuss the rumors of a Playstation 5 Pro SKU, the exploding handheld market, new video game movies of Street Fighter and Minecraft, and more!

The Playlist: Crimeboss, Marvel Snap, Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure, Shogun Showdown Prologue

Tabletop Time: Remembering Klaus Teuber and Catan

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