Stop the Skid, Kids

Episode 65 · March 16th, 2015 · 1 hr 31 mins

About this Episode

Jeff welcomes the very much alive Adam Sessler of X-Play and Rev3Games fame, and a little bit of a remote Christian to the show this week to talk about VR devices like the Roto Chair (, the potential delay of Oculus into 2016, the definite delay of Uncharted 4 into 2016, the wildly original new game Upsilon Circuit, the BBC's GTA drama, the new 3DS selling well, and more!

In the Playlist, Adam has been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Hotline: Miami 2, Christian has been playing Ori and the Blind Forest, and Jeff has another installment of his Heroes of the Storm Primer.

For Tabletop Time, Jeff talks about hording money in Bruno Faidutti's Dragon's Gold, and getting young kids into gaming with Monza from HABA games.

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