Against the Will of the People

Episode 11 · March 17th, 2014 · 1 hr 44 mins

About this Episode

Jeff and Christian welcome Jeff's old TRS co-host and big time Hollywood movie director, Dan Trachtenberg to DLC this week. Dan kicks Story of the Week off with the announcement of a reboot for the classic arcade game, Gauntlet. Christian is still on the Twitch news bandwagon, arguing that the first mobile game with Twitch streaming integration is a game changer. Jeff cheats by bringing up several stories for SotW, including PS4's price hike in Canada, the producer of the Castlevania series leaving a 20 year long post at Konami, Valiant Comics characters getting tabletop games, Bruno Cathala teaming with Days of Wonder, and most of all, evidence of gravitational waves from the Big Bang being found!

Then, March Madness hits the Sweet 16 round, with some incredibly hard matchups, that have Dan, Christian, and Jeff disagreeing with each other and the audience!

Plus, in Tabletop Time, Jeff and Dan discuss their love of Dungeons and Dragons, and what makes for a good pen and paper RPG.

All that, plus your phone calls!

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