Live In The Now!

Episode 21 · May 26th, 2014 · 1 hr 43 mins

About this Episode

Jeff and Christian welcome their buddy Garnett Lee back to DLC for the 4th time. Garnett is the host of Garnett on Games and the John + Garnett podcasts. This week, he's talking about the contrast between hype and reality in games, specifically with Watch Dogs being released. Christian is interested in the PS4 being released in China, and Jeff is overwhelmed by the massive number of games released on Steam already in 2014. Plus, the guys ponder Amplitude's intense Kickstarter and the free Wii U game that Nintendo is giving away with every Mario Kart 8.

The E3 Hype Train continues to roll along as Christian asks what percentage of exciting announcements will actually be playable at the show.

In the Playlist, Garnett is almost finished with Last Story on Wii and has some strong feelings about Heroes of the Storm, Christian loves loving Wolfenstein: New Order, and Jeff is interdependently enjoying some independent releases, Super Time Force and Transistor. Plus, pre-E3 thoughts on Evolve and Civ: Beyond Earth.

Tabletop Time has Jeff amped to finally play Marvel Dice Masters, and he's got a lot to say. Plus, Garnett digs Bigger Blacker Cards Against Humanity.

All that, plus YOUR phone calls!

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