Paul Tamayo: World of Warcraft Dragonflight, Ghostbusters VR, Gran Turismo 7, Elden Ring, new Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio games, Amy Hennig on Star Wars, Vampire Survivors

Episode 440 · April 25th, 2022 · 2 hrs 11 mins

About this Episode

Jeff and Christian welcome Paul Tamayo from FanByte to the show to discuss rumors of old games joining Sega's Super Game initiative, Uncharted's co-creator back on a Star Wars game, Ghostbusters coming to VR, news from PAX East, a reveal of a new WoW expansion, and more!

The Playlist: Gran Turismo 7, Elden Ring, Advance Wars (GBA), Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition, Resistance 2; inFamous, Vampire Survivors

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